Heritage Day | South African Breads

As we celebrate Heritage Day this month, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the traditional South African bakes that crop up on bread boards around the country. Vetkoek Yeasted dough is shaped into balls… Read more

Not a One Trick Pony | Cool Things Yeast has Created

Naturally, we’re all about yeast at Anchor Yeast, and that’s why we’ve put together a few cool and interesting stories about our favourite single-celled microorganism and its myriad uses! Someone recently made bread using 4500-year-old yeast – and apparently it… Read more

Giving Back | How Bread Brings Us Together

It’s quite incredible how many stories we come across about bakeries all over the world lending a hand to make their community a better place. We’ve rounded up three social enterprise bakeries that show the amazing impact that bakers, bakeries… Read more

Say Yes to Bread Campaign

American Consumers encouraged to say #YesToBread Trendy diets and wellness movements can sometimes promote the restriction of a major food group, and unluckily for bakers, carbohydrates are often demonised – especially wheat-based bread. Pushing back against bread’s unhealthy image is… Read more

Upcycling Bread

In a world where so many go to bed hungry, the huge amount of food that goes to waste around the world is horrifying. Frighteningly, in the UK alone, 900 000 tonnes of bread go to waste annually (link to https://www.ecoandbeyond.co/articles/much-bread-waste-uk/)… Read more

The Art and Science of Baking the Perfect Loaf of Bread

Baking is as much an art as a science. While we may debate on the ratio of art vs science, baking the perfect loaf of bread is dependent on many factors and generally judged by the parameters of volume, shape,… Read more

Bakery Trends 2019

BAKERY TREND: BAKING WITH AUTHENTICITY Artisan breads and rustic baking keep rising in popularity, powered by consumers’ search for authentic experiences. In just a few years, sourdough has moved from speciality shops to supermarket shelves. The challenge for manufacturers is… Read more

Food Trends – Snackification and Innovative Ingredients

One thing is clear, 2019 is going to explode with an insatiable consumer demand for new and exotic flavours, smaller bites, health food and meat free products. Snackification Interesting fact: Snackification is a term actually created by consumers at the… Read more

Food Trends – Nutrition

Nutrition has to feature on this list of trends especially, with health and wellness being top of mind for consumers globally. Healthy Ageing sees consumers seeking a holistic, proactive lifestyle. Bone and brain health being the focus. Traditional medicine practices,… Read more

Food trends 2019

Join us as we take a look into the trends influencing the food sector. Credit: The food trends are a review of reports published by Mintel, Institute of Food Technology and Innova. Product developers and marketers globally will find exciting times… Read more

Brand New Recipe Book

Our brand new recipe book is now available, Baking Making Memories is filled with useful information on yeast and filled with delicious recipes. Order your copy today!!