Baking Trends around the world during lockdown

With so many people remaining indoors due to the coronavirus, it has been amazing to see that they’ve all turned to our favourite occupation – baking! Mindful and therapeutic, the process of baking has many benefits, least of all the… Read more

Baking Inspiration | Tongue in Cheek Coronavirus Bakes

Around the world people are facing the Coronavirus pandemic, with social distancing a norm and many countries in lockdown. This is affecting all businesses in some way, so we’re taking a look at what bakers around the world are doing… Read more

Bakers to follow on social media during lockdown

If you’re looking to use this downtime to brush up on your baking skills, there are a number of baking courses online, as well as numerous bakers who are using social media to show viewers what they’re baking and how… Read more

Survivor SA Contestant launches #LoafDay

Paul Smulders, one of the participants in the recent Survivor South Africa, has launched an inspiring initiative called Loaf Day. He’s encouraging his followers to feed hungry people in their neighbourhood every Wednesday. “I’ve come up with an idea to… Read more

Meet Innocent Muzivi: Technical Sales Manager (Gauteng)

Innocent Muzivi has joined the Anchor Yeast family as the Technical Sales Manager for Gauteng. With close to 9 years of experience in the baking industry, Innocent began his baking career in 2011 where he worked as a Test Baker… Read more

Amaro Foods celebrates another plant opening in 2019

Amaro Foods has expanded its manufacturing footprint with close to 4000 sqm, following the opening of their Artisanal plant, based in Montague Gardens. The new facility is more than double the size of the old plant in Bellville. The rapid… Read more

How two slices of brown or wholewheat bread per day can make you healthier

Bread is one of the most consumed foods in South Africa. The South African food-based dietary guidelines recommend that we make starchy foods, such as brown and wholewheat bread, part of most meals. The Health Benefits of Brown and Wholewheat… Read more

Bread in the News

It’s a staple in households all around the world, so it’s no wonder that bread is making headlines. Take a look at some of the recent bread-related stories we’ve found. Bread becomes pro-democracy symbol in Hong Kong protests Hong Kong’s… Read more

Bread Traditions | Paying it Forward

Paying it forward seems to be a new trend – the beneficiary of a good deed repaying the kindness by doing a good deed for someone other than the original good-deed-doer. However, it’s been around for a while – certainly… Read more

Going where no bake has gone before

As technology advances and we look at what comes next for the human race, some people are looking to the stars. And thankfully, they’re thinking about how we can still bake biscuits when we’re not on earth! NASA recently flew… Read more

Veganuary | How bakeries are meeting the growing demand for plant-based diets

There’s no doubt that plant-based foods are growing in popularity. Whether eaters are following a strict vegan diet, or adopting a flexitarian style of eating to reduce the amount of animal products they consume, plant-based diets are on the rise.… Read more

Amazing Cakes

Sure, we’re usually more focused on bread than we are on cakes, but we were so impressed by these incredible cake creations from the UK that we just had to share! Take Away Cakes Baker Selena McCloud from the UK’s… Read more

Gluten Free Baking

It’s certainly fashionable to be gluten free these days! In America, up to 25% of people are either on a gluten-free diet or aspire to be on one, but in comparison there are relatively few people that suffer from serious… Read more

Food Safety | Practice proper hygiene in your bakery

While it’s one thing to be creative and showcase your baking flare, it’s another to ensure that your bakery is completely clean and free of potentially harmful bacteria. Maintaining a safe food space requires constant vigilance, but regular and ongoing… Read more

Innovations | Clever Breads Making Waves around the World

Take a look at some of the latest innovations in the world of breads: High-Fibre Citrus Bread Italian scientists recently conducted research to find out the effects of adding citrus fibre from blood oranges and lemons to durum-wheat based bread.… Read more

Heritage Day | South African Breads

As we celebrate Heritage Day this month, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the traditional South African bakes that crop up on bread boards around the country. Vetkoek Yeasted dough is shaped into balls… Read more