Sandwich Breads

Cost effectively enhance and improve ease of processing, dough handling properties and product quality

  • Optimise and balance dough development
  • Enhance moulding
  • Avoid sticking on automated line
  • Improves dough tolerance and stability
  • Improves proofing stability

Anchor Solutions

  • EN62 Bread Improver (0.1%)
  • EN85 Enzyme Cocktail
  • EN86 Protease Dough Relaxer
  • EN91 Improver
  • EN107 WW Enzyme Improver
  • EN117 Emulsifier-free Enzyme Cocktail

Enhance and improve consistency and processing that will result in better and more consistent shape, fine crumb structure and good volume

  • Improve crumb structure and colour
  • Improves volume
  • Improves crumb moistness
  • Improves shape and resilience
  • Improves crust colour
  • Improves bread characteristics

Anchor Solutions

  • EN85 Cocktail High Volume Shelf-life
  • EN117 Emulsifier free Enzyme Cocktail

Improve the moistness and freshness of baked products, extending the shelf life (anti-staling)

  • Improves crumb softness (anti-staling)
  • Improves moistness and freshness touch and mouthfeel

Anchor Solutions

  • EN85 Cocktail High Volume Shelf- life
  • EN99 Shelf- Life Cocktail (0.1%)
  • EN118 Enhanced Shelf- life Enzyme (0.5%)

Product Development Capability and Technical assistance

Optimising Product formulations
Tailor made baking solutions for customised baking performance
Technical assistance with process optimisation
Assistance with Quality problem solving