Who we are

Our heritage

Anchor Yeast has a proud heritage spanning more than 90 years and during this period has established itself as a dominant player in the supply of yeast, dough raising and fermentation technology. It is firmly entrenched in the Bakery, Consumer, Wine, Distillers, Brewery and Bio-control industries in Southern Africa.

In 2006, Lallemand, a Canadian company, specializing in the global development, production and marketing of yeasts and bacteria; acquired ownership of Rymco (Anchor Yeast), in South Africa. The two companies are long-standing leaders in the production and distribution of yeast and ingredients for the baking and fermented beverage industries, and have been in existence since the early 1920’s. Common goals, strong values and commitment to customers, quality products and service excellence are the driving forces behind these two successful companies.

Both companies have pioneered the introduction of cream yeast and novel packaging solutions for Bakers Yeast and Consumer products. Lallemand is also a world leader in the development of speciality yeasts and bacteria for animal and human nutrition, as well as fuel ethanol and fermented beverages.

Its ongoing focus on market research and product development has provided the Group with leading edge technology and a competitive advantage in the development and use of hybrid yeasts for winemaking and has developed markets for yeast-like organisms in agricultural applications.

The success of the Anchor Yeast is attributed to developing respectful and dynamic associations with customers, employees, suppliers and all relevant stakeholders; resulting in high-quality products and services, innovative applications and a total commitment to customers all over the world.