Who we are

About us

Anchor Yeast has been producing yeast in South Africa since 1923 and owned by Lallemand since 2006. Lallemand is a global organisation specialising in yeast and bacteria in various applications; bringing innovations and solutions to our local and international markets.  (Click here for more information about Lallemand).

We value developing dynamic associations with customers, employees, suppliers and all relevant stakeholders; resulting in high-quality products and services, innovative applications and a total commitment to customers all over the world. Our long-standing, loyal and committed employees bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our business.

At Anchor Yeast, we pride ourselves on delivering world-class products and services to the three core markets we serve.

  • The Consumer Business Unit focuses mainly on the FMCG market and its products include Brewers and Instant Dry Yeast.
  • The Oenology Business Unit provides bio-solutions for the wine and whisky industries.
  • The Bakery Specialties Business serves the industrial baking and milling industries in Sub-Saharan Africa.