Rolls & Buns

Cost effectively enhance and improve ease of processing, dough handling properties and product quality

  • Optimise and balance dough development
  • Enhance moulding
  • Avoid sticking on automated line
  • Improves dough tolerance and stability
  • Improves proofing stability

Anchor Solutions

  • EN85 Cocktail
  • EN91 Improver
  • EN107 WW Enzyme Improver
  • EN148 Multi-Roll Improver

Enhance and improve consistency and processing that will result in better and more consistent shape, fine crumb structure and good volume

  • Improve crumb structure and colour
  • Improves volume
  • Improves crumb moistness
  • Improves shape and resilience
  • Improves crust colour
  • Improves roll characteristics

Anchor Solutions

  • EN85  Cocktail High Volume Shelf-life
  • EN117 Emulsifier-free Enzyme Cocktail
  • EN148 Multi-Roll Improver

Improve the moistness and freshness of baked products, extending the shelf life (anti-staling)

  • Improves crumb softness (anti-staling)
  • Improves moistness and freshness touch and mouthfeel

Anchor Solutions

  • EN8 Cocktail High Volume Shelf- life
  • EN99 Shelf- life Cocktail (0.1%)
  • EN118 Enhanced Shelf-life Enzyme (0.5%)
  • EN85  Cocktail High Volume Shelf- life
  • B 218-C Improver (0.1 – 0.5%)
  • Stasoft Crumb Softener B170

Product Development Capability and Technical assistance

Optimising Product formulations
Tailor made baking solutions for customised baking performance
Technical assistance with process optimisation
Assistance with Quality problem solving