Who we are

The Anchor Oenology Business Unit is situated in the Western Cape, the heart of the South African Winelands. We are a dedicated technical and sales team servicing the majority of the wine producing cellars in the following areas: Olifants River, Swartland, Tulbagh, Darling, Durbanville, Constantia, Cape Peninsula, Stellenbosch, Paarl, Wellington, Breedekloof, Worcester, Overberg, Elgin, Walker Bay, Cape Agulhas, Robertson, Klein Karoo and the Northern Cape. We pride ourselves on being a manufacturer and distributor of not just the leading new world wine yeast brand, but also providing the industry with a variety of wine ingredients, including wine bacteria, enzymes, nutrients, tannins and mannoproteins.

Anchor Yeast is the leading new world wine yeast brand in the world. We underpin this statement by constantly being a leader when it comes to innovation, world firsts and pioneering inventions. Anchor Yeast is renowned for making history in the world wide wine industry.

In 1974, Anchor Yeast, a proudly South African company, produced the first experimental wine yeast and the very next year, in 1975, we provided the South African wine industry with the first commercially produced Anchor wine yeast. With 42 years of experience in the production of wine yeast, becoming only the second company in the world to produce yeast for the production of wine and the first to introduce dried wine yeast to the Southern Hemisphere, we created the world’s first commercialised hybrid wine yeast in 1991: Anchor Yeast VIN 13.The pioneering of a hybrid wine yeast, together with our unique ball-shaped yeast, making a bold statement.

We wanted to share the South African success story of Anchor Yeast with the world and started exporting active dried wine yeast in 1997.

Our innovative spirit also extends to other products we have been delivering to the market on a consistent basis for the last 42 years. The year 2008 saw us be the first company in the world to launch yeast blends to enhance wine aroma based on the metabolic interactions between specific yeast strains. Alchemy I for ester production and Alchemy II for thiol release in white wines were created in collaboration with the Australian Wine research Institute and launched with great success and acclaim.

Being the leading authority on hybridization, we expanded our successful portfolio with the creation of the world’s first Saccharomyces paradoxus hybrid when we launched Anchor Yeast Exotics SPH in 2010: a commercial strain providing all the benefits of aroma and complexity of a spontaneous fermentation, with none of the risks. The year 2010 also saw us increase our international footprint with the creation of Oenobrands, a joint venture between Anchor Yeast and DSM Food Specialties. Oenobrands, based in Montpellier in France, is responsible for the distribution of Anchor Yeast outside of South Africa.

Based on the success of the yeast blends, we stepped into the malolactic bacteria arena, launching first the Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria in 2010 and the Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria 3.2 in 2016. Both cultures are based on what we do best: providing wine quality and aroma enhancing tools for winemaking. These two bacteria products are the world’s first blends of bacteria developed specifically for co-inoculation and aroma enhancement. 2016 was a busy year, as we also answered the demand from you, the world wide wine industry and very successfully launched Alchemy III and IV, providing you with carefully selected blends of yeast strains to enhance wine complexity and the intense fruit aroma in red wines.

In 2015, we celebrated 40 years of supplying the South African industry with wine yeast, today we celebrate the distribution of the Anchor brand to five continents and 35 countries!

For more information: https://www.anchoroenology.com/