Baking Inspiration | Tongue in Cheek Coronavirus Bakes

Baking Inspiration | Tongue in Cheek Coronavirus Bakes

Around the world people are facing the Coronavirus pandemic, with social distancing a norm and many countries in lockdown. This is affecting all businesses in some way, so we’re taking a look at what bakers around the world are doing to lift their customers’ spirits!

Quarantine Cakes

The Buttery and Bakery in San Francisco is selling special cakes designed to be enjoyed by two people who are practicing social distancing. The smaller, more affordable cakes have public service messages on them – ‘Wash your Hands’, ‘Don’t touch your face’ and ‘Pretend you’re an introvert’! While people can buy them for themselves, they can also send them to others that are in lockdown – a brilliant way to share the love. Aloria Cakes in New York is following suit with Quarantine Cupcakes that are sold by the dozen with helpful toppers reminding the eater to wash their hands.

Toilet Paper Cake

After noticing that customers were spending their money on toilet paper instead of bakes, Finnish baker Saara Lampinen and her team at Ronttosrouva Bakery changed their focus. To grab the attention of customers, the bakery used oat batter, passion fruit mousse and white chocolate fondant to create their toilet paper cakes – and luckily, it worked! Their first round of cakes sold almost immediately and the bakery actually had to hire new staff to keep up with demand.

Corona Burgers

In Vietnam, Chef Hoang Tung has created a coronavirus-themed burger bun for his restaurant Pizza Home, with the aim of taking the fear out of the infectious disease. The burgers feature green-tea stained buns with bumps mimics the microscopic images of the virus. “We have this joke that if you are scared of something, you should eat it,” Tung told Reuters.