Wine Production


Claristar is a purified solution of specific mannoproteins extracted from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The patented extraction and separation technique isolates the fractions with the highest Tartrate Stability Index, with the highest effectiveness against tartrate stability. Claristar inhibits nucleation and growth of potassium tartrate crystals, enabling lasting tartrate stabilisation in white, rosé and red wines. Claristar preserves and contributes to the sensorial quality of the wine thanks to the positive action of the mannoproteins on the colloid status.

Final touch TONIC is a specially selected solution that contains mannoproteins selected for their powerful reducing and protective colloid properties. Final touch TONIC preserves the initial aromatic freshness of white and rosé wines as they age. Final touch TONIC noticeably enhances the organoleptic qualities of white and rosé wines.

Final touch POP is a unique, mannoprotein-based solution, specially formulated to improve the quality of sparkling wines. It enhances the organoleptic qualities of sparkling wines, while also preserving their elegance, freshness and balance. The fermentation aromas and minerality of wines treated with Final touch POP remain predominant during ageing and storage. The development of oxidative aromas is attenuated and tannins are less astringent. Final touch POP helps to improve the structure and quality of the bubbles.