Anchor Yeast re-visits Kusakusa Primary

On 17th May 2017, Anchor Yeast teamed up with Blue Ribbon in Kwa-Zulu Natal to provide sandwiches to all the learners at Kusakusa Primary School. Close to 1500 sandwiches were prepared and handed out to the appreciative learners. A morning well-spent!

Why Bread Matters

At informative breakfast events in March 2017, Anchor Yeast invited media and members of the baking industry to hear well-known dietitian Jane Badham discuss the importance of bread. Did you know that in 2008, 2 800 million loaves of bread… Read more

Consumer Team Connects with Customers

The Consumer Team recently participated in a workshop, geared towards familiarising the whole SADC Team on product usage in the market. The two-day session included a visit to Mamma Drinkie, a Commercial Brewer. Here the team engaged with a traditional… Read more