Anchor Yeast shares the Whole Truth about Wholegrains

Anchor Yeast shares the Whole Truth about Wholegrains

Anchor Yeast once again hosted their annual breakfast seminar exploring the topic of Wholegrains. Registered Dietitian, Monique Piderit (Bsc, M.Dietetics), shared The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth to baking industry representatives in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

While the definition of Wholegrains may differ, Piderit explained that wholegrains are grains from cereals, which, after milling (if milled), naturally contain all the components, namely endosperm, bran, germ and all the macronutrients, micronutrients and trace elements of the original unprocessed whole kernel. Wholewheat cereals, breads and pasta, oats, maize (corn) and brown rice are all examples of wholegrain foods.

Wholegrains play a vital role in our body, with the added benefit to our mental well-being. For a mere 50 g / day increase in wholegrains, we can expect a 22% decrease in the risk of total mortality and a 30% decrease for cardiovascular heart disease. Exciting new research has scientists referring to the gut as “the second brain” as there is a clear and intimate link between the gut and the brain. Through physical and biochemical cross talk and connections, the collection of organisms in our gut, collectively called the gut microbiota, may profoundly and positively influence brain function, mental health (anxiety, depression), and even Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia, and contribute to overall emotional function and better cognition.

Piderit concluded her presentation with a review of the sustainability of wholegrains. A sustainable diet has a low environmental impact and contributes to food and nutrition security and to healthy life for present and future generations. This is an important consideration as consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the environmental impact of their food. The positive news for the baking industry is that wholegrains are part of a sustainable diet with its very low carbon footprint.

The Whole Truth about Wholegrains is clear; bread, grains and carbohydrates are needed for optimal health and deserves a rightful place on our plates!

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