Social Responsibility

Kusakusa Primary School

Anchor Yeast remains committed to improving the conditions of Kusakusa Primary School in Umbogintwini, a few minutes away from the Anchor Durban plant. Last year, we built a new kitchen, offering a safe and hygienic facility for the preparation of… Read more

Anchor Yeast builds a new kitchen

In December 2015, Anchor Yeast built a new kitchen at Kusakusa Primary, a few minutes away from the Anchor Yeast Durban plant. The new building replaced the container kitchen with a brick structure, fitted with the necessary appliances and a… Read more

Anchor Yeast visit to school

In May 2016, a small group of Anchor Yeast employees visited a pre-school in Diepsloot to deliver reading and educational books;  all left with a deep sense of pride for Anchor’s involvement in the community. This visit made news in… Read more

Delighting children of Hope School

130 children of Hope School in Diepsloot were spoilt with Christmas gifts; a generous contribution made by the staff of Anchor Yeast.

Anchor builds a school in Diepsloot

On 4 December 2014, Anchor Yeast opened the Hope Early Learning Development Centre in Diepsloot, Johannesburg. The new buildings feature three spacious classrooms to ensure a proper learning environment for the children in the community.