Anchor Range

The Anchor Yeast strains offer reliable and complete fermentations with the use of genetically unique, scientifically formulated individual yeast strains and blends. These products are designed as innovative solutions based on the needs of the national and international wine market. Anchor yeast strains have a high sugar tolerance, high alcohol tolerance, the ability to ferment at low temperatures and the ability to optimise the aroma potential of the grape.

The product portfolio includes hybrids created in collaboration with the Agricultural Research Centre, Nietvoorbij and Stellenbosch University; a hybrid isolated from nature, a strain selected from nature and yeast blends created in collaboration with the Australian Wine Research Institute.

Strains for the production of white and Rosé wines:

Exotics SPH, Alchemy I, Alchemy II, VIN 2000, VIN 13, NT 116, VIN 7 and N 96

Strains for the production of red wines:

Exotics SPH, Alchemy III, Alchemy IV, NT 202, NT 112, NT 50, NT 116, WE 372 and WE 14