Wine Production

The Anchor Yeast strains offer reliable and complete fermentations with the use of genetically unique, scientifically formulated individual yeast strains and blends. These products are designed as innovative solutions based on the needs of the national and international wine market. Anchor yeast strains have a high sugar tolerance, high alcohol tolerance, the ability to ferment at low temperatures and the ability to optimise the aroma potential of the grape.

The product portfolio includes hybrids created in collaboration with the Agricultural Research Centre, Nietvoorbij and Stellenbosch University; a hybrid isolated from nature, a strain selected from nature and yeast blends created in collaboration with the Australian Wine Research Institute.

Strains for the production of white and Rosé wines:

Exotics SPH, Alchemy I, Alchemy II, VIN 2000, VIN 13, NT 116, VIN 7 and N 96

Strains for the production of red wines:

Exotics SPH, Alchemy III, Alchemy IV, NT 202, NT 112, NT 50, NT 116, WE 372 and WE 14

We are the distributor for the Fermivin yeast range, a brand that has a proud heritage stretching back over more than 40 years. Several of the selections come from famous French vineyards – Champagne, Alsace, Loire Valley, Burgundy, Languedoc-Roussillon and Corsica – and others from vineyards in Chile, South America.

All Fermivin strains share common benefits with their ability to complete fermentation, efficient aroma conversion, minimal foam, low production of volatile acidity and the absence of unpleasant tastes.

Strains for the production of white and Rosé wines:

Strains for the production of red wines:

The Anchor Yeast nutrient portfolio consist of three products.

Anchorferm is an enhanced nutritional supplement without nitrogen, consisting of inactivated yeast and thiamine. It is recommended as a rehydration aid formulated to enhance the capabilities of the yeast in stressful fermentation conditions.

Nutrivin is a complete nutritional supplement containing inactivated yeast, di-ammonium phosphate and ammonium sulphate to stimulate yeast growth and metabolism.

Nutrivin Supervin Super is an enhanced complete yeast nutrient specifically formulated for increased fermentation stress conditions like high sugar musts, low nutrient status and high potential alcohol musts. It consists of inactivated yeast, di-ammonium phosphate and thiamine, stimulating yeast growth and metabolism.

Anchor Yeast is the proud distributor of the Rapidase enzyme range in South Africa. This range, manufactured by DSM Food Specialties, consists of highly active, specific and effective enzymes to facilitate certain processes in the cellar, including flotation, settling, maceration, pressing, aroma extraction, colour extraction and yeast autolysis and filtration. These enzymes are available in granulated and/or liquid form.

Anchor Yeast was the first company in the world to introduce a blend of bacteria specifically created for the quality, aroma and sensory enhancement of the wine during malolactic fermentation. These mixed cultures are specifically developed for co-inoculation and is a blend of Oenococcus oeni and Lactobacillus plantarum.

The Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria enhances the overall fruit intensity of high pH red wines, including the red berry aroma characteristics. The spicy notes are increased, as is the overall aroma intensity of the wine.

The Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria 3.2, suitable for malolactic fermentation in lower pH red and white wines, enhances the complexity and dark fruit profile of red wines, whilst decreasing the astringency. Similarly, white wines showcase less green characteristics and become softer and fresher.

Natuferm is a yeast nutrient to promote enhanced aroma production. Its unique formulation rich in available amino nitrogen and trace elements promotes a healthy yeast population, with appropriate fermentation conditions. Natuferm increases the production of aromatic fermentation esters. The composition promotes fermentation effectiveness and actively contributes to obtaining wines with excellent aromatic qualities.

Extraferm, a product consisting of pure yeast hulls, acts as a must and wine detoxifying agent. These yeast hulls adsorb and remove most toxic compounds (fatty acids, pesticides etc.) from must and/or wine. This product also supports fermentation and improves wine quality by removing unwanted odours (TCA, TBA etc.) and other negative flavours (ethyl phenols). Extraferm can improve fermentation conditions, alcohol tolerance and yeast viability.

Delvozyme is a purified lysozyme enzyme preparation extracted from egg white and can be used as an additive for achieving optimum microbial control. Lysozyme has the capacity to weaken lactic acid bacteria (Oenococcus, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus) cell walls, destroying them by cellular lysis. Therefore the product can be used to avoid bacteria spoilage during and after alcoholic fermentation and control the onset of malolactic fermentation.

Claristar is a purified solution of specific mannoproteins extracted from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The patented extraction and separation technique isolates the fractions with the highest Tartrate Stability Index, with the highest effectiveness against tartrate stability. Claristar inhibits nucleation and growth of potassium tartrate crystals, enabling lasting tartrate stabilisation in white, rosé and red wines. Claristar preserves and contributes to the sensorial quality of the wine thanks to the positive action of the mannoproteins on the colloid status.

Final touch TONIC is a specially selected solution that contains mannoproteins selected for their powerful reducing and protective colloid properties. Final touch TONIC preserves the initial aromatic freshness of white and rosé wines as they age. Final touch TONIC noticeably enhances the organoleptic qualities of white and rosé wines.

Final touch POP is a unique, mannoprotein-based solution, specially formulated to improve the quality of sparkling wines. It enhances the organoleptic qualities of sparkling wines, while also preserving their elegance, freshness and balance. The fermentation aromas and minerality of wines treated with Final touch POP remain predominant during ageing and storage. The development of oxidative aromas is attenuated and tannins are less astringent. Final touch POP helps to improve the structure and quality of the bubbles.

Anchor Yeast is proud to collaborate with Scott Laboratories, USA, for the distribution of a range of oenological tannins. The Scott’Tan range includes fermentation tannins (anti-oxidative, softening, improved mouthfeel, colour stabilisation and increased expression of fruity aromas), cellaring tannins (improved mid-palate and complexity, addition of wooded aromas and colour preservation) and finishing tannins (enhanced complexity, smoothness, finish and vanilla aromas).